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Generate Instant Business Through PPC Ads

We manage and run PPC ads for Small and Medium Businesses in Pune. The scalability, flexibility, and measurability of Google Ads Management are just 3, out of many, reasons as to why Google Ads & Social Media Ads have become the fastest growing marketing platforms in recent times. Rather, it’s now the necessity if you want to be competitive in your industry. Google Ads help you to approach a customer who is currently looking for your services and the Social Media Ads will help you to approach a customer based on his attributes and interests. Both the platforms generate great results if combined together.

Social Media Ads

Why Should You Invest In PPC Ads?

Quick Results

Unlike SEO and Social Media, PPC Ads don’t take much time and start delivering results right away.

Laser Targetting

You can accurately target your potential customer based on hundreds of attributes.


The results are measurable and we can track the progress of the ad campaign on dashboard.


You can always optimize your ad campaigns to improvise the outcomes constantly.

Goal Oriented

You can run ad campaigns to achieve a particular goal like Lead Generation, Video Views, App Downloads, etc.

Excellent ROI

You can achieve excellent ROI, if you follow a perfect strategy and using good Ad Copy &  Ad Creative.

What Do We Do?

We handle Google and Social media ads for our clients. The service includes Landing Page Development. Graphic Designing, Copywriting and complete account management. Here is the list of Paid Ad Services  that we run for our clients.

Google Search Ads

Google Display Ads

Google Video Ads

Ecommerce Ads

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads



Why PPC Ads Deliver The Fastest Results?

Google Ads Pune

1. Google Ads & Facebook Work Great Together

When combined, Google’s astounding market reach and Facebook’s unparalleled demographic targeting platform is a force to be reckoned with. Due to relevancy, it offers lower cost per acquisition and a higher return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

2. Testing & Optimization Capabilities

The performance of an ad campaign can be tested by creating multiple ads and the tracking their results. Then we can stick to the better performing ad to generate maximum revenue with high Return on Ad Spend.

3. The Power of Retargeting

You can target those people to show your ads, who have already visited your site at least once. This process is called as Retargeting. Since these people are aware of your products & Services, there are higher chances of their conversion as your customers.


Here are some key reasons, why you should give us an opportunity to manage PPC [Paid Ads] for your business


4+ years of experience in managing Web Development and Marketing Projects.

Carefully Crafted Ads

We write a copy and design a creative that will grab attention of your potential customers.

Bespoke Landing Pages

We will create highly tailored Landing Pages for your Ads, that are optimized for higher conversion rates.

Constant Optimization

We keep testing and optimizing the ad campaigns constantly in order to achieve better results.

Weekly Reports

We share weekly reports to the client, so that he/she will be aware of the ad performance and future strategies.

Affordable Rates

We charge minimal amount to create & manage you ads, rather our rates are one of the lowest in the industry.

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